Saturday 29 September, starting at 11 p.m., you are invited to watch a new selection of awkward and offbeat material, in the Trippy Animation Night vol.5, at Cinemateca Eforie (2 Eforie St., Bucharest).

The host and moderator of this nocturnal screening of wild and wacky animated photoplays is Dutch curator and film collector Michael Helmerhorst, who takes you to a trip thru RetroLand, in an unconventional two-hour programme aimed at adult audiences only!

Riding with the Avant garde, far ahead of the disciplined cavalry, one will witness at firsthand the
iconoclasms and survive the shock of the new that dominates the battlefield of contemporary cinema.
Animators and experimental filmmakers have always pushed the edges of the envelope, as we can see during The Trippy Animation Night on its Fifth Year Anniversary.

The animated pictures that once shocked audiences turned into nostalgic flashbacks of bygone days.
However it is fun to take a look through our time-machine into a wacky world of wonder, no boundaries whatsoever!
Preceded by a diversity of mind-boggling and eye-popping animatrix at the speed of light & sound we’ll go into a more serious approach of “those graphics that walk and talk”. Unlocking the doors of perception, wandering thru the Corridors of Madness where Text and Context mix up, visiting the Haunted Hills of Hollywood, facing the Novelties in Modern Art such as Visualized Harmonies, enjoying the Dark Side of the Screen in Four Shades of Noir and watching Erratic Erotics while the Beat Goes on Forever.
Parafrasing the words of the great, eminent Lord Buckley, “Hipsters, Flipsters and fingerpopping daddies, lend me your ear and eye for a journey into the rediscovered regions of the unknown”.


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The 13th edition of Anim’est International Animation Film Festival takes place from 28 September to 7 October 2018 in Bucharest, Romania, and its venues are: Cinemateca Eforie, Cinema Elvire Popesco, CINETic Centre, POINT and Expirat.