Animest 2019 ticket policy & access

Access is granted upon presentation of a valid ticket or of the festival pass, available for purchase prior to the Festival via the Animest mobile app and on website, and during 4-13 October also available for purchase at the ticket booths of Cinema Elvire Popesco and Cinemateca Eforie. 

Gold Card- 250 RON. Grants access to all the screenings and special events of Animest Festival.

Silver Card- 150 RON. Grants access to all the film screenings. It is notvalid for concerts, special events and the opening ceremony and screening.

Individual ticket- 15 RON / person / screening. Grants access to all the films screened during the festival, exceptMinimest (children’s films, which have special, discount rates), concerts, special events and the opening ceremony and screening.

Minimest individual ticket(children’s films, see schedule for detailed timetable) - 10 RON / person / screening. Grants access to each film scheduled in the Minimest programme.

Ticket for the Opening Ceremony and Film,“Marona’s Fantastic Tale” - 20 RON

Ticket for Trippy Animation Night- 35 RON

Ticket for Erotica | The Night of Erotic Animation- 25 RON

Ticket for Animusic Night- 35 RON

Ticket for Creepy Animation Night- 45 RON

Ticket for Cine-concert “Fantastic Planet” | Bucharest Jazz Orchestra- 35 RON

Gold Card, Silver Card, General Invitation or festival pass holders can reserve their place at an event on the Animest mobile app or the website, using the barcode on the tickets.

Reservations are not mandatory, however in the case of a sold-out event, Gold Card, Silver Card, General Invitation or festival pass holders who did not reserve a place will not be granted access.

Reservations are active until 10 minutes before the start of an event. Afterwards, the reservations which are not yet confirmed by scanning the card, invitation or badge will be automatically removed.

Access is not permitted after the start of an event.

Some films may not be suited for children or may contain sex or violence. Animest recommends checking the description of every film, as well as the age rate recommendation in the general schedule (the downloadable pdf on the festival website) before getting tickets.

Animest festival screens films in their original language, with Romanian and English subtitles. There are, however, a few feature films only in the dubbed version. Please check the info on each film’s page on the website.

Most films in the children’s section (Minimest) are dubbed into Romanian during the screening, alongside the Romanian subtitles. Please check the info in the Minimest brochure.

By taking part in one of the Animest festival events, you agree that representatives of the Animest festival may photograph and film you during the event and publish the photographs and recordings, free of charge, on the website or other media channels (print, TV, online), in the purpose of showcasing the event and the participants, producing media reports or documenting the events. Animest will notdisseminate the photographs or recordings to third parties.

You can cancel your agreement at any time by sending an e-mail to the Animest festival at

Animest Association receives donations, and offers promotional material in exchange.