Best Austrian Animation 2011 – 2017


The Best Austrian Animation competition is part of the well-visited 2 Days Animation Festival in Vienna, which was founded in the year 2004 and until 2017 it was known as One Day Animation Festival. The festival is explicitly open for the rich variety animation can offer. Narrative and experimental, figurative and abstract, analog and digital, and all kind of hybrid films realised by amateurs, students, independent artists and commercial studios are presented.

For Anim'Est 2018 I have prepared two different programmes:


Experimental Animation - From Abstract to Real Worlds

This programme refers to the strong history and role of experimental (or if you want „avantgarde“) film in Austria, but also demonstrates, how far experimental animation today has moved away from classical conceptions of the past. Since the term „experimental“ does have a certain affinity to abstraction, the programme starts with 'non-figurative“ films, developing from round forms and soft movements to faster and more aggressive statements. But experimental film can also be figurative, and the following films demonstrate that by using partly representational drawings, 'real' objects, digitally arranged objects and towards the end even the human body, these films interact with the 'real world'. The last three films also underline the affinity of these artists with performance and body art.


Narration & Music

This programme might better fulfill expectations of a classical animation festival audience, when story-telling stands in the focus, mixed with a few music videos. Films in the first part of the programme rather look at human experiences and aspects of the 'real world', some even in kind of a documentary way. In the second half stories are getting more surreal or metaphoric and sometimes funny, but there are also a few examples, which we might call „experimental narration“. To make the programme better consumable, the music videos are rhytmically interpersed, and by the way, also they not only want to entertain, but have to tell us something, just the narration lines might partly be a bit less linear compared to classical narration.


Thomas Renoldner

Curator of 2 Days Animation Festival in Vienna