Experimental comics exhibition by Marian Mirescu & Alexandru Ciubotariu.

28 sept. – 7 oct. @ POINT


Experimental comics. Sounds interesting, but also very vague. It’s very interesting because we drift away from the familiar setting where the comics tell a story and we discover a context where the elements of the comic are used for purposes other than telling a story. Strips, speech balloons, panels, a sort of sequencing but still something different from this. We present two artists that have played with this form of art and who, at some point, experimented beyond the borders of a regular comic book.


Marian Mirescu, a well-known comic book author and editor/promoter, produced and collected these strips in the Aberration album, at the beginning of the 90s, "under the strong impression left by the '89 Revolution. Without any preconceptions, and all at once! Without a script, without premeditation, from the first go! Dream of change, aberration of liberty!" – as he wrote in the album’s foreword. Graphic experiments that use the beloved comic book language. Graphic jewels.

Alexandru Ciubotariu created these strips around the 2000s, no longer believing that the comics are solely for children. Many of them were produced in the academic medium, where one could experiment both stylistically and technically. Some of them were collected in the book La solitude de la décomposition (Popa’S Art publishing house, Timi┼čoara, 1998).