Anim’est 2018 focuses on avant-garde animation, more precisely on the experimental approach to the narrative and the visual aspects of film, which has always suited animation so well, a type of cinema that allows the exploration of ideas and possibilities. Over the years, new mediums and technologies have aided filmmakers to produce work, which does not follow a strict regime or structure, producing art that raises questions.

In building up the retrospective, we have taken the expression “avant-garde film” as widely as possible, and have chosen 60 films which focus on exploration, grouped in blocks according to chronology, so as to offer you a perspective on the evolution of creativity, from the pioneers of animation filmmaking up to nowadays.

Among the names that you will revisit or discover on this occasion, are Viking Eggeling, Hans Richter and Marcel Duchamp, from the films created in a period when the concept of “animated film” had not been developed yet to the newest non-narrative films, some belonging to certain tendencies, while others seem not to fit any boundaries. Music plays an important role in most of them, light is essential irrespective of the year of creation and the degree of accessibility of these films is really wide – some seem deeply inaccessible, while others seem to be made with younger audiences in mind. But each film is unique and proves that imagination has no limit. Just like animated film!

Mihai Mitric─â, Anim'est festival director